Renewable Energy

Control Systems for Renewable IndustryWith the growing use of technology and the increasing understanding of human activity and its effects on the environment, countries must now meet the growing demands for energy supply while carefully balancing the introduction of environmentally responsible measures.

Renewable sources of energy can help contribute to a country’s power supplies and increase energy security. However, as the number of power generation systems increase in the power grid, so too does its complexity. We design and manufacture control systems that are engineered to handle the renewable energy industry’s needs and allow our clients to operate in a cost-efficient and reliable manner.

CoreX Controls’ systems can be designed to suit any hazardous or non-hazardous environment. Our modular enclosures ensure that our systems can be built to integrate easily into your environment, helping you to greatly lower installation and set-up times.

Our control solutions are found in projects all over the world, and our experience in catering for the global market gives us detailed knowledge of local project requirements. Whether you need control systems for large or small scale projects, we can provide a control solution for any renewable environment.