Control Systems for Marine IndustryCertain climates are harsh on equipment, and the weather out at sea is especially rough. The marine environment experiences extreme changes in temperature, humidity and salinity, which can rapidly corrode exposed surfaces and equipment.

Many of our customers operate in the maritime environment and equipment built for use in this sector must be rugged enough to endure the elements. Our years of experience in delivering high-quality products for use in the offshore market means we know how to engineer control solutions for critical process phases that remain operational even in the most inclement of weathers, giving you the confidence that your production infrastructures are kept operationally secure.

We manufacture control systems that are built to withstand the toughest of environments, using a wide range of materials, including GRP, marine grade alloy and stainless steel. We also offer various weather-resistant paint systems for added protection against the elements.

Since space is at a premium for most equipment and facilities out at sea, we ensure that our control systems are engineered to ensure they are as compact and efficient as possible.

Our panels are built with safety in mind and go through a rigorous in-house testing process. We have state of the art testing facilities, including a fully functional load test chamber which is capable of simulating and monitoring environmental conditions whilst testing the systems. Our testing abilities include full load testing, heat soak testing, harmonic analysis and waveform recording.